He Said What?!

So, be honest. How many hours have you ladies spent analyzing a guy’s text message (or something he said)? And then sent it off to one (or twenty) of your closest friends for further review?


I didn’t really realize that men really are from Mars and women really were from Venus until after my divorce. I guess knowing that men and women actually spoke different languages would’ve been good to know when I was actually married.

Anyway, I stumbled across a site the other day where, you can actually send in those text messages and people vote on if he’s into you, not into you or the jury’s still out. Now why wasn’t this public service out much sooner?! Could’ve saved me a lot of brain power and confusion. Go check out, www.HeTexted.com to help some poor girl figure out exactly what he did mean when he said that your puppy was cute…

Or, go and submit a text that you’ve been pondering yourself. I won’t judge you.

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