Happy Birthday To My Baby Brother!

I remember riding the bus to school on September 23rd, 1985. My grandmother had to take me to the bus stop because my dad was taking my mom to the hospital. They told me when I came home, I would be able to hold my little brother. I could not wait to be a “mommy.”

And a little surrogate mommy I was. I bossed him around like nobody’s business and made him go everywhere with me.

When he was 4 years old, my best friend, Heidi and I made created an entire curriculum based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We taught my brother and her little brother their letters, the alphabet and phonics. (You’re welcome to their kindergarten teachers).

As I hit my teenage years, I got busy with high school life and we grew apart. I’m sure he saw me as the goody two shoes big sister that did everything Mama and Daddy told her to do…because, well, I was. During my first year of college, my parents moved and left me in SoCal while they started a new business venture in the Bay Area. I only saw my brother on holidays and summers after that.

It’s only been recently that we’ve reconnected. He finally accepted my Facebook friend request –probably because he realized how cool I was…it’s about time. Geez.

He just moved to LA to continue his career as a cinematographer. His work is freaking amazing.

Happy Birthday, Allen! Love you.

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