Happily Ever Afters

Do you believe in “Happily Ever Afters?”

We are conditioned from birth, it seems, by companies like Hallmark and Disney to believe in a “Happily Ever After.” I mean, the shoe fits, Cinderella gets her prince, and they live “happily ever after.” The kiss breaks the spell, and Snow White gets her “happily ever after” with her prince. The beast turns into a handsome prince and Belle gets her “happily ever after.” (Side note: Do you notice that there are a lot of princes in “happily ever afters?!“)

Do I believe in a happily ever after? Of course, I do. The road may be a bit bumpier than the path the pumpkin coach had to take, the prince may not always have a castle and the shoe may not always fit right, but I think a happily ever after is out there for anyone who wants it. I see it every single day photographing engagements, weddings, families, etc. I am totally blessed to be able to witness and document people’s “happily ever afters.

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