Halloween. Bah Humbug!

Every October, around Halloween time, for the last eight years, the Kidlet and I have both fielded the question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Um, first off (no offense to those people that do), I’m an adult, and I don’t dress up in costumes (not in public anyway, haha. Just kidding). Even as a child, I wasn’t a big fan of dressing up on Halloween. One year, in the third grade, I went as a bunny. I had white makeup smeared over my face the entire day, white tights with a tail and bunny ears. It was super uncomfortable and itchy. Maybe that’s what turned me off to costumes.

When the Kidlet was born, I was in my high horse, judgemental, Baptist girl days and I looked down on people who dressed up their children as people that was in support of evilness and death. When asked, “What are you going to dress your daughter up as for Halloween?” I would reply, a little haughtily, I’ll admit, with a “Nothing. We don’t celebrate Halloween.”

Now, Halloween is kind of like Valentine’s Day in my book –an overly commercialized reason to spend money and party. Not that I’m against that or anything. Haha. But my almost nine-year-old still doesn’t dress up as anything for Halloween. My reason? I still am leery associating with a “holiday” that has people decorate their lawns with murderous hockey masked lunatics and where cats mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again. Plus, I don’t need all that candy lying around my house – I’m not concerned about having to take it away from the Kidlet, but I have no self-control, dammit!

We also have never celebrated Santa Claus. But that’s a post for another day.

We actually do carve a pumpkin for Halloween, so we haven’t totally bucked tradition. It is our culminating activity after our farm field trip to the Pumpkin Patch each year 🙂

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