fight on, baby!

So, I’m excited. I’m stay up all night waiting to go to Disneyland like I’m 7 years old excited. It’s oozing out of my pores and I swear the color is cardinal and gold. Call it an obsession, call it love, but my daughter could sing the fight song at one years old. At two, she could hold the victory sign with the best of them and shout “touchdown,” arms thrown with abandon and high fiving those all around! At three if she sees any USC paraphernalia, it’s a roar of exuberance and a “Go SC!” Yes, we’ve fully indoctrinated her toward the love of USC.

Tomorrow is the first game of the season, and at 12:30 pm when Mark Sanchez and the boys walk onto Scott Stadium in Virginia, I will be shooting a wedding. Do you think anyone would notice if I checked the stats on my phone every so often? Shhhh…I won’t tell if you won’t.


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