Eureka! I Have Finally Found a Delicious Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream {Recipe}

I’ll admit. My Achilles¬†heel is sugar. I love vegetables and fruit, hate milk, and can limit my meat intake, but sugar…I just can’t quit you.

I became a vegetarian a few years back for health reasons and then answered the call of chicken and burgers again in the last year and a half. Recently, like right after I turned 37 (eeeekkk!), I began trekking back to the more plant-based diet, plant-based medicine route. (Honestly, a summer of drinking BBQing and a year of not working out had taken its toll in the form of an extra 8 lbs. Not attractive).

I started running, at the beach (which takes some of the agony out of it),¬†began religiously making my green smoothies and dropping what looks like squid ink, but they call it minerals, into my water. I’m still trying to find non-toxic eye creams and lotions and the like to pause this aging process. Tonight though, I am jumping for joy at my newest find – HEALTHY ICE CREAM.

Yeah, you read it correctly. And all I have to say is, Eureka! I have found it!

They call it Popeye’s Ice Cream online and it is made in my favorite and most used kitchen tool – my Blendtec.


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This is from their YouTube, but I made a few substitutions:


3/4 C Half & Half (Didn’t have it, so I used creamer, but you could also use almond milk, coconut milk, etc.)
1/4 C Agave (Didn’t have that so I used a little bit of raw honey)
2/3 C Powdered Milk (Eliminated this completely, used an avocado instead)
2 C Spinach
1 1/2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (I used 3 drops of Doterra’s peppermint oil instead)
2 1/2 C Ice Cubes
(I also added a handful of semi-sweet mini gluten-free chocolate chips, though I’m sure any kind of chocolate would be fine).


Add ingredients to jar in order listed, secure lid, select “Ice Cream.”


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