Embracing Happiness

I held my breath in anticipation. Time seemed to stop as I looked down rows and rows searching for the one I was looking for. As I scanned each item, I mentally reject them one by one and sighing in frustration as I come down to the last aisle, still empty handed.

And then, I see it. I do a little internal back flip and shout for joy. I yank it off the shelf and hug it to my chest, daring anyone around to snatch it from my hands.

I had found a book that I coveted for a while on the 50 cent used book sale at the library. It was the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday and it made me happy.

I’m learning to enjoy life and remember to embrace my happiness. Even for the smallest things.

I got these 5 books for $3.50. That makes me happy.

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