Electric Blue Eyeliner

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I’m 1000% positive that my eyes did not look like this.

My first bout with makeup was with awful blue eyeliner my sophomore year in high school. Yeah, I was a late bloomer. I’d watched my mom put on her makeup every day and decided that it was time I tried it. Hoping to give¬† my little squinty eyes some sort of much needed pop, I went to the grocery store across the street from my parents’ restaurant and bought a Wet and Wild palette of electric blue eyeshadow –that, ironically, is trendy right now. Go figure. I was waaayyyy before my time, obvi.

It was probably disastrous, but my selective memory has chosen to forget that moment, but I do remember that I read in Teen Magazine that the real way to make eyes look bigger is with eyeliner. So, off I went to purchase some electric blue eyeliner. (Not sure what my obsession with electric blue was, honestly).

Somewhere along the way, I ditched the blue and somehow figured out how to apply makeup in a way so that I don’t look like I missed Halloween, but even today I still am fairly unsure about makeup application.

Last night I decided that at 36 years old, it was about time I learned how to put makeup on. Luckily, my roommate is a makeup artist so I asked her a few questions, and thankfully there are lots of YouTube videos.¬† Also, I’m going to make an appointment at Sephora for a consult and to put my credit card to good use. I may even end up buying some electric blue eyeliner. I hear it’s popular these days.

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