Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Walking around like three zombies at 5 am the city that never sleeps welcomed us as we wearily made our way to our hotel after a long, sleepless red-eye flight.

New York. The lights, the sights, the hustle, and the bustle. I love this city.

The beginning of this trip had been rough. I started the trip with the flu which wasn’t really conducive to thinking straight or being very productive. And a few other things (stupid mistakes that I have no one to blame but myself) caused quite a bit of stress and scrambling on day one. And then another sleepless night for me, listening to the sounds of the city muffled through the window as I once again cursed evil insomnia that steals me from blissful slumber far too often.

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of day one of Photo Plus Expo. I figured that it would be different from WPPI and it was. To an entirely different market, we debuted the new 10″ and 13″ ONE Bags and within hours were completely sold out of them. The booth was non stop and at the end of the day, with a satisfied sigh, we walked home energized and recapped the day.

Another night of wandering the streets of the city, hypnotized by the lights, the sounds, the smells of food, and Lord knows what else assaulting my nostrils. We filled our bellies with gumbo and mac and cheese and watched the World Series at a local bar.

I love this city. The history, the romance…I find myself looking up at the Empire State Building and wishing I had someone to meet up there, or walking around Central Park and imagining sharing a romantic stroll. Don’t get me wrong I’m having a great time with my two friends, but wistfully I’m wishing for a rom-com movie scene to be played out in real life. One day, I hope to come to this romantic city that I love with someone special. And we’ll do all the corny things that lovers do in New York as per the tomes of Hollywood. (Now accepting applications…haha).

Still two expo days left and a couple extra of days to explore this concrete jungle.

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