I used to read these Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid that allowed readers to, well, choose their own adventure. You picked where you wanted the story to go, and you could go back and re-read it and choose different paths to take you on a new adventure.

Do you ever stop and think of the choices you’ve made in the past, that have led you where you are? Now, I’m not saying dwell on them and be bitter that you made the wrong choices or whatever, but just looking back and contemplating where you’d be today if you had chosen “a different adventure?”

Looking back, if I accepted the offer from UC Santa Cruz, I could be a liberal, surfer, hippie chick with dreadlocks. If I had stayed at Cal State San Bernardino and majored in Communications, like originally planned, and have never transferred to Cal Baptist, I would’ve never re-met my ex-husband and had my Kidlet. I wouldn’t have had started my business and certainly would not be spilling my heart out on a blog daily.

Choices. So many of them each day and who knows where it might take you. Choose wisely. I certainly am these days…

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