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Bliss and Crickets

Do you know what I hate about vacation? Well, wait, wait, lemme set this up for you… You work, work, work, and vacation descends at the perfect time–just about when you are having fantasies about poking your co-worker’s eye out or punching someone in the face if they send you another email…and then bliss. A… Read More

the places: out of africa part two

I now know how Hannah Montana feels. The screaming. The crowding. The pushing. The clamoring. The kids. All. Over. You. I was ready to jump on a cement block and try my best rendition of “Party in the USA” (yes, I had to google that, lest you judge me). The moment the Africa team walked… Read More

the places: out of africa

A massive throng of 30+ blue sweaters swarmed toward me en masse, peppering me with questions and clamoring for a position in front of my camera. “You Chinese?” “Who’s the president of China?” “Mrs. Trainor, take picture of me!” “You’re Chinese and American?” “What is your name?” “Do you know Barack Obama?” “Me! Me! Take… Read More