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Online Dating – UK Style (Guest Blogger)

Today’s guest blogger is from my good friend, Jools. We connected through Twitter and our mutual love for Hawaii Five-0, and I guess two sassy, smart, gym loving, single gals just naturally gravitate toward one another, right? Jools decided to try online dating because of my ahem–raving reviews about it and here are her thoughts.… Read More

Online Dating Tip: Use Spell Check

My friend from the UK started online dating because I so highly recommended it (hahahahaha….ha) and so far, it has provided her hours of entertainment. She has also come to the same conclusion as I have, that it seems like we will be single for the rest of our lives. One tip for my online… Read More

More Online Dating Horrors…

I don’t know why I still keep my online dating account. I haven’t responded to any of the messages I’ve received for months now and I haven’t wanted to…until this one. I really, really, really want to respond to this guy, but I am refraining for the moment since there is nothing I could say… Read More

Limiting the (Emotional) Drama

Sitting with my roommate the other night, I listened as she dissected a date she had a few weekends back, his communication patterns after the date and the subsequent analysis of what that meant. I did my best to help her decipher his texting pattern and said with a flourish (because everything is more dramatic… Read More

The Girl Code

Back in the 10th grade, I had a “boyfriend.” We ate lunch together, he’d meet me at my locker, and we’d exchange notes (because text messaging didn’t exist back then, haha), held hands after school during practice…then, six days into our relationship, he grossed me out when he tried to kiss me, and I broke… Read More

Being Single In My Thirties

Being single in my mid-thirties is weird. I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but here we go again… bear with me. I am 35 years old. I have virtually no dating experience. Men my age are usually married or living in their parents’ basements — I know I know, not ALL men are like… Read More

Staying Single

When I was in college, everyone asked me if I was dating. I wasn’t (and it wasn’t for a lack of trying, by the way). When I started dating my now ex-husband, everyone asked when I was gonna get married. When we got married, everyone asked when we’d have children. These are the same people… Read More


When I was younger, I used to ask God for more patience. Until I realized that the only way to get patience is to learn it. I stopped asking. I’m the person that eats cookies half-baked because I can’t wait any longer for them (They’re better that way anyhow, in my opinion). I regularly put… Read More


I keep reading that I shouldn’t accept “crumbs” (of a relationship) from a man, that I deserve everything I want and not allow someone to string me along. That I am better than chasing after a man and his affections. That if I don’t get what I need from a dating relationship, I should cut… Read More