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I’m in Miami, B*tch!

Last month, I was sent to spend a few days to live it up work my butt off in Miami. My task was to try out a new camera and some lenses that were about to hit the market and so for two and a half days, I was whisked away on a bus with 30 other… Read More

Once a Photographer…Always a Photographer

My interest in photography began sometime in high school. I loved taking photos of my friends and I had a keychain film camera that I took with me everywhere I went. I remember waiting the agonizingly long 24 hours for Stater Bros. to pick up and drop off my film and racing to the store when… Read More

The People: Kenneth

A few months ago, my roommate sent me pictures of his nephew taken at a place in the mall, criticizing each picture and what he didn’t like about the experience (I’ve taught him well, obviously). The pictures were standard mall pictures; I know since I have a boxful of them –one for each month of… Read More

A Terranea Wedding: Erika & Todd

The bar was crowded and dark as she wiped the condensation that was dripping from her hand on her skirt. She smiled as she made her way to her friend who was excited to introduce Erika to her brother, Todd. Erika smiled her trademark smile. They talked, they danced, they laughed, they flirted. He asked… Read More

The Engagements: Nataly & Mike

He saw her from across the parking lot as she walked into Subway to grab lunch. Making a quick decision, he decided he was hungry for a sandwich as well and followed her in. He maneuvered his way up to her and chatted her up. Then he asked her out (even though he insists that… Read More

An Evening With Daniel Goddard

Life is a funny thing. You never know who you’ll meet and where you’ll end up. I remember my first year of college, wanting to go visit Dallas to meet a boy I met online. 17 years later, I finally do end up visiting Dallas, the boy long forgotten though. I first bonded with Jools… Read More