Bliss and Crickets

Do you know what I hate about vacation? Well, wait, wait, lemme set this up for you…

You work, work, work, and vacation descends at the perfect time–just about when you are having fantasies about poking your co-worker’s eye out or punching someone in the face if they send you another email…and then bliss. A week of eating, reading, sleeping, and eating. Lather, rinse, repeat. Bliss. And then vacation ends and you come back to…

600 emails. 50 of them marked urgent. Piles of regular mail – junk mail, bills, ads, fliers. A To-Do List a mile and a half long. Loads of laundry.

And all of that takes you back into the poking out a co-worker’s eye zone, but now you have a tan and about 10bs of vacation weight behind it and ZERO motivation. And that’s what I hate about vacation…LOL.

So, anyway, after taking a long week to enjoy family for Thanksgiving, I came home to all of the above and then some, two weddings and a few photoshoots. Oh, and I had to fit partying with friends in there too. Which led to two things: very little sleep and crickets — on the blog that is.

So pardon me while I try to get back into the groove, undig myself from the piles of stuff and get my motivation back.

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