How can it be Thanksgiving already??!

The last year has flown by and though 2011 has been NOTHING like I’ve anticipated or expected, I am THANKFUL for where it has brought me — through the deep valleys and painful life lessons. I’ve come out on the other side a different person, a stronger person with the realization of how blessed I really am (More reflection on the year will come in December I am sure).

I am blessed with the simple everyday things that I take for granted — the health of myself, my Kidlet and my family; the abundance of basic necessities, and the support and unconditional love of true friends.

I am also blessed for new beginnings, new opportunities, and new adventures. All of which I look forward to experiencing in the new year.

But one of the things I am most blessed and thankful for this Thanksgiving is scars. Each of my scars, inside and out tell the story of me. Of pain I’ve endured, of a lesson I’ve learned, of a hurt that’s healed. Some of my scars are old and faded, many are new and fresh, but all of them have contributed to the person I am today and the person I am becoming tomorrow. Each scar is a reminder of a battle of which I have emerged victorious as a survivor. Each scar reminds me of the support system I have in my family and my friends that sometimes had to carry me through the battle.  Each scar reminds me of the strength I have inside me and the struggles that make me who I am. Although I hated every moment of the path to getting each scar, they show my history, my heartache, my healing, my journey…and that makes them beautiful.

And I am blessed.

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