Birthday “Experiences”

Ribbon and wrapping paper flying all through the air…piles of plastic, noisy toys forgotten in minutes…jealousy, selfishness, tears and fighting kids…ahh, birthdays. A cynical view, I know, but for a while now I have worked on going “beyond” the typical, consumer-driven, junk accumulating birthday present.

Now, with some effort and creativity, Mackenzie and I collaborate in discussing what we would rather do to celebrate a birthday. (She doesn’t have the greatest ideas yet, but they’ll come). For her friend Elizabeth’s seventh birthday, we decided to have a tea party at Tea and Teacups. What fun and hopefully, the memories of this afternoon will last a wee bit longer than the newest Barbie from Wal-mart. Well, the pictures will last at least!

One thought on “Birthday “Experiences”

  1. Happy Birthday To You ! The Baby So Cute . Nice To Meet You.

    From : WangKhongHwee
    Country : MALAYSIA, South East Asia

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