‘Big and Dramatic or Nothing At All’

Ass I was updating my hairdresser, the incredibly talented, Diego Ortega, today about the happenings in my life, he laughed and said, “Just like you, big and dramatic or nothing at all.”

And that is exactly how to describe my life in the last week or so. Big and dramatic life changing events, a few in a row, and all at once just kind of crept upon me and now, BAM! Here I am. Pretty overwhelmed, but super excited.

Can’t share any of them just yet, but before the long, I’ll fill you in on a couple of secrets. (Don’t go spreading rumors now, ok? It probably NOT what you think…)

Here’s a picture from my beloved Trojans’ game against Stanford Saturday night. Talk about big and dramatic! It was such an exciting game that fans rushed the field after it was over.


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