Ballerina Wishes

When I was a little girl, I never had the desire to become a ballerina. The frothy pink tulle, ballet slippers, pirouettes, and pointed toes…nope, not me. What I really wanted was to swim with dolphins, train walruses and feed killer whales smelly dead fish at Sea World. (It’s funny because today I would say that I lean more towards pink tulle than dead fish, but I digress).

So, when Mackenzie latched onto this “I want to be a ballerina” idea, it kind of came from left field. I mean, when she was in the womb, she went to Laker games and Trojan football games. One of her first words, not THE first word, but close, was “Go Trojans!” But this girl cheers, CHEERS when she asks what she is wearing each morning and the answer is “a dress.” She loves sparkly shoes, asks constantly when she can “point her eyes” (make-up) and asked for “pretty ears” (earrings) from the time she could talk to when she actually got them.

It got me thinking about the wishes and dreams I had as a child and how as adults we often forget to make wishes and to dream. My life lately has been consumed by work, activities, stress, bills, the house, piles of laundry, stress and more stress. I never take the time to just dream, to be excited at the little things that make me happy (and no, wearing a dress is not one of them). So, looking at Mackenzie and her quest to become a ballerina (for today at least), I am going to stop a remember to dream today.

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