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New Year’s (non) Resolutions

I try to not make resolutions since I never seem to last through the day battling whatever ails I have chosen to forsake. Lose 15lbs. Blog more often. Eat healthier. Exercise. Read so and so book. Go to bed earlier. Work less. It seems that year after year people, ahem, namely, moi, set themselves up… Read More

my life: like grandmother, like mother, like daughter

She loves to dress up…like her mother…like her grandmother…like her great grandmother. She loves shoes…like her mother…like her grandmother…like her great grandmother. She loves jewelry and accessorizing…like her mother…like her grandmother…like her great grandmother. She loves to sing…like her mother…like her grandmother…like her great grandmother. She hates milk…like her mother…like her grandmother…like her great grandmother.… Read More

the places: out of africa part two

I now know how Hannah Montana feels. The screaming. The crowding. The pushing. The clamoring. The kids. All. Over. You. I was ready to jump on a cement block and try my best rendition of “Party in the USA” (yes, I had to google that, lest you judge me). The moment the Africa team walked… Read More

my life: out of africa ~part one: the city

The smell assaulted my nostrils as soon as I got off the plane. A mixture of diesel, food and an “I’m not in America anymore” smell that is indescribable. After 30 hours in a cramped, overstuffed plane (at least I got an aisle seat!), a brief, torturous stop in Rome, where we were allowed to… Read More

the places: out of africa

A massive throng of 30+ blue sweaters swarmed toward me en masse, peppering me with questions and clamoring for a position in front of my camera. “You Chinese?” “Who’s the president of China?” “Mrs. Trainor, take picture of me!” “You’re Chinese and American?” “What is your name?” “Do you know Barack Obama?” “Me! Me! Take… Read More

my life: the first day of school

They all looked funny to me. Light hair, blue eyes, weird clothes. They stared. I stared back. Someone spoke to me, a tall pretty lady who looked like me. My four, almost five-year-old self sighed in relief, which was short-lived when I realized that the words she spoke had no meaning to me. Thus, the… Read More

my life: unplanned and out of control

I like to be in control. I really like to be in control. Okay, okay. I admit it…I capital L.O.V.E. control. I like my life nicely planned out before me with no bumps or forks in the road. I loathe roller coasters, airplanes, and drama because I don’t feel like I am in control. When… Read More

my life: honestly!

She saunters over to my desk and takes a cool glance at my laptop screen where Bridge and Photoshop are opened in all its glory. Images from my last wedding covering the screen. “My pictures are better than yours,” she says and ambles off, oblivious to everything around her. Ouch. I’m sure there that agree… Read More

my life: happy mother’s day (1 day late)

I settle into my soft, down-comforted bed in the blissful tranquility of my hotel room. I breathe in my new white green tea smelling shampooed hair, courtesy of the Westin Hotel in San Diego after a LONG shower with a double shower head – with not a thought toward droughts nor water usage. Slowly, I… Read More