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I’m holding my baby tight tonight as the realization is sinking in how close I got to losing her. Life is precious and at any moment it can be taken away from you. It sounds so cliche, even as I am typing this, but my heart hasn’t stopped pounding out of my chest like a… Read More

The Wrong Side Of The Camera

I had long, long black hair up until the third grade. Every night my grandmother would painstakingly wash and brush the tangles out and lovingly put them in two braids down each side of my head. Every morning, she would comb it out and re-braid it into two long silky strands. Sometimes there were variations… Read More

Mission San Juan Capistrano

When I think back to my elementary years, snippets of faded memories scroll through my mind’s eye. I can vaguely recall bits and pieces of projects we created. I remember being complimented on a trendy outfit one day–I think it consisted of a long pink coat, long skirt, and boots. I had a list –classmates… Read More

my life: the green smoothie recipe

All my life I was blessed to be able to eat whatever I wanted. My parents owned a restaurant and so what’s for lunch was whatever my little heart desired — and I weighed 70lbs in junior high and not much more after that. I could put down food like no other. I remember my… Read More

The Dance Photo Dilemma

When I had my point and shoot camera I took photos all the time of my family. Now that I take pictures of other people, I rarely have photos of my own family. Sad, huh? This year, Mackenzie, my 5-year-old, started kindergarten and along with it about a million different activities, it seems. A few… Read More

my life: the summer of moderation

My life. It’s go, go and go some more. I’m usually a master juggler–having too many things to manage and not enough time to juggle them all well. My calendar is a menagerie of color explosions – Pink for Photography, Yellow for Family, Blue for Day Job, Green for Mackenzie’s activities, Brown for Other, and… Read More

Domestic Diva Diaries: Hummus Brownies Recipe

I’m no Domestic Diva. Diva, Yes. Domestic, hey, STOP laughing… So, the word “BAKING” is EVIL in my book. I hate the mixing, stirring, recipe reading, mess-making, box opening, cleaning up part of baking. I used to bake just to be kind, for my husband loves baked goodies. I decided that working 2 jobs and… Read More

my life: the road to bentley

Growing up, our family always raised dogs. Yorkies, German Shepherd/Wolves, Cocker Spaniels, Dalmatians, we loved dogs and gave them uber-cool names like Big Dog (in Chinese), Kiki, Nini, Domino, Stimpy, et al. My husband grew up with cats (whom I’m allergic to) and preferred their arrogant nonchalance over the slobbery, bouncing, barking, dirty and easily… Read More

my life: my wedding and lessons learned

In my life, there have been many opportunities presented to me to learn a lesson. Especially in my darkest, ugliest moments, nuggets of wisdom are plentiful and ready to be plucked and stored for a later date. When I was around 9, my parents told me to stop shopping and save my money.  I went… Read More

my character as judged by a pit bull

Growing up, we had a menagerie of pets — dogs, turtles, fish, birds, rabbits, etc. When I got married, I inherited a half German Shepherd, half-wolf mix who hated white people. (Seriously). My husband was banished from the back yard for the first 2 years of our marriage until I was away one weekend and… Read More