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Time For A Break…

My Facebook Status on January 3rd, 2011: “2011, I’m not sure about you…” Internet, it’s been an interesting year. I came into this year a little dubious, but I’m leaving it stronger than ever before. I need time to process it all, regroup, refocus and start 2012 solid with purpose. So I’m taking a little… Read More


How can it be Thanksgiving already??! The last year has flown by and though 2011 has been NOTHING like I’ve anticipated or expected, I am THANKFUL for where it has brought me — through the deep valleys and painful life lessons. I’ve come out on the other side a different person, a stronger person with… Read More


“Remember 7.” That’s what she used to say when asked when her birthday was. And I was okay with her saying it forever, but somewhere down the line, she learned that her birthday was actually “November 7th.” She started talking when she was about one and a half and has never stopped. When she grows… Read More

Adventures With The Kidlet ~ Tanaka Farms

It’s 10am on a Wednesday and I am enjoying the sounds of the rain from my bed, in my pajamas. My six year old is cutting paper dolls of people from the Byzantine Empire. She is also in her pajamas and she every so often stops what she’s doing and cuddles me. This is why… Read More

The Engagements: Gia & Dallas

Hanging out at a Middle Eastern Dinner/Dance Club one evening with her mom and cousin, she spotted a handsome gentleman with a quick smile, style and charm looking at her. They introduced themselves and spent the evening talking, laughing and dancing. They dated for about a year.  She realized that she was too young to… Read More


Fear. It is a powerful force in it’s ability to paralyze, hurt and manifest itself into a plethora of physical ailments. It’s tentacles can grab you and overpower, keeping you from living. Last year, I decided I wanted to be fearless. My biggest fear was inadequacy. I seemed to be always unsure of myself and… Read More

Proud To Be An American

As any typical three year old, I don’t remember much about the early early years of my life. What I do know is passed down through pictures, stories told laughingly, nostalgically over holidays, and bits and pieces of memory that seem to be fragments of dreams in a detached state, not quite a memory that… Read More

The Fashion: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Part 1

Some girls just don’t grow out of dressing up. I actually was a late bloomer. I didn’t really start wanting to dress up until college and while my classmates were all schlepping it to class in dirty jeans and sweatshirts, I was wearing fashion tights, cute skirts and clunky boots to class. (I’m actually in… Read More