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Fear. It is a powerful force in it’s ability to paralyze, hurt and manifest itself into a plethora of physical ailments. It’s tentacles can grab you and overpower, keeping you from living. Last year, I decided I wanted to be fearless. My biggest fear was inadequacy. I seemed to be always unsure of myself and… Read More

Proud To Be An American

As any typical three year old, I don’t remember much about the early early years of my life. What I do know is passed down through pictures, stories told laughingly, nostalgically over holidays, and bits and pieces of memory that seem to be fragments of dreams in a detached state, not quite a memory that… Read More

The Fashion: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Part 1

Some girls just don’t grow out of dressing up. I actually was a late bloomer. I didn’t really start wanting to dress up until college and while my classmates were all schlepping it to class in dirty jeans and sweatshirts, I was wearing fashion tights, cute skirts and clunky boots to class. (I’m actually in… Read More

My Heritage

I raced home from the bus stop after school one day as I always did. Excited that it was Monday, the only day my parents closed the restaurant so they could rest and drive to Los Angeles to buy supplies. It was a minimum day AND I had no homework. I had grand plans with… Read More

my life: “hummus brownies”

I’m no Domestic Diva. Diva, Yes. Domestic, hey, STOP laughing… So, the word “BAKING” is EVIL in my book. I hate the mixing, stirring, recipe reading, mess making, box opening, cleaning up part of baking. I used to bake just to be kind, for my husband loves baked goodies. I decided that working 2 jobs… Read More