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Christmas Cards

When I started college, one of the things I was super excited about was sending Christmas cards. Random, I know. Of course, I had to be original and hand make my own cards. I was not about to go purchase pre-made cards from a box! The shame! So, making homemade cards or at least doctoring… Read More

An Evening With Daniel Goddard

Life is a funny thing. You never know who you’ll meet and where you’ll end up. I remember my first year of college, wanting to go visit Dallas to meet a boy I met online. 17 years later, I finally do end up visiting Dallas, the boy long forgotten though. I first bonded with Jools… Read More

The Queen of Everything

I’ve always joked that I am anxiously waiting for a knock on my door with a decree from the royal courier of Her Majesty the Queen that they have finally found their kingdom’s long lost princess, put a tiara on my head, shower me with jewels and whisk me away into happily ever after in… Read More


Family vacations are a rarity when your parents own their own business and work seven days a week. But when they happen, you learn to hang on tight and remember every moment. A few times, we loaded up our tan GMC van and with my brother and I playing on the pull out bed in… Read More

Today I Am Happy

Being a lifelong pessimist, it’s my default to view life negatively. The feeling of happiness was always determined by my circumstances. I felt happy when I bought a new pair of shoes. And that happiness only lasted until I decided I wanted something else. I was happy when I got a good grade. I was… Read More


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau Being directionally challenged, I’ve been lost quite a bit in my life. Even with two GPS systems, my iPhone map, a MapQuest app and OnStar, I still constantly find myself getting on the wrong freeways, turning one street too early, being… Read More

Time For A Break…

My Facebook Status on January 3rd, 2011: “2011, I’m not sure about you…” Internet, it’s been an interesting year. I came into this year a little dubious, but I’m leaving it stronger than ever before. I need time to process it all, regroup, refocus and start 2012 solid with purpose. So I’m taking a little… Read More


How can it be Thanksgiving already??! The last year has flown by and though 2011 has been NOTHING like I’ve anticipated or expected, I am THANKFUL for where it has brought me — through the deep valleys and painful life lessons. I’ve come out on the other side a different person, a stronger person with… Read More