At Peace

Yesterday, amidst piles and piles of work, pressure and deadlines, I realized that, instead of the crazy overwhelmed feelings of pressure and panic, I was at peace. In fact, I was energized and excited about life.

This therapy thing might be working after all.

Well, yes, here I am, still awake at 1am, yawning and staring down at a blank screen trying to muster up coherent words for an article that I am under deadline for (why can’t I just do a runaway rant and press publish??!) And I can’t seem to decide on what my opinion is on this article I am writing about which is kind of controversial and has a pretty divided line in the sand. Me…not having an opinion on a matter.

Oh Em Gee.

This therapy thing might actually be destroying me instead.

Here’s me (last year) “giving peace a chance.” Haha. Yes, at 1 am, I’m entitled to some corny jokes.


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