Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men…


Surrounded By Asians

Surrounded By Asians

So, this article came across my Facebook feed yesterday: Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men.

Basically an article of racist drivel, so clueless that one might hope that it was offered up as a satire, but I think Anne Gus was serious when she wrote her diatribe against the “subservient” Asian women who are seemingly “stealing” her chances of finding a good white man.

According to Ms. Gus, I, being an Asian woman, am one of the “millions of Asian women [being tricked] into relationships in which [we’re] being heavily taken advantage of.

White men apparently have the idea in their heads that Asian women are submissive and more “pleasant” than white women – a term that Gus finds insulting. Because being “pleasant” is a terrible thing, and men would rather hear the ranting of a misinformed racist than be in the company of someone pleasant (so noted).

She goes on to say, “Upon contraction of Yellow Fever, White men suddenly stop going after strong and beautiful white women like myself, and start trading us for our shorter, black haired and more yellow-hued sisters, namely, you people.” Thereby implying that a) she is strong and beautiful b) Asian women are not.

I don’t think I’ve ever been labeled as “submissive” or “subservient” in fact, quite the opposite. That’s the problem with racism – the sweeping generalizations that are pretty much pointless. I’m not sure of Ms. Gus’ end game in her article – to convince men to love her? Convince society that we shouldn’t intermix races? Get page views so she can make more money? Whatever her reasoning, it was an entertaining read, that’s for sure.

Well, I am here to say Ms Gus, that sorry, but maybe if “you people” (aka the white women – or just her) would stop feeling sorry for yourself and maybe go out and do something positive with your life, you may find just that white man you seem to be desperately searching for.

Why is it that (generally speaking) women like to pit themselves against each other? This is why the female population are seen as “bitches.” We can’t seem to actually support each other, women have a tendency to have to one up each other so that we can feel better about ourselves. The bottom line is, we as women need to figure out how to be content in ourselves, fight our own personal insecurities and quit blaming others for life. Stop falling into the comparison trap, ladies. And for god sakes, stop pointing fingers at people for your insufficiencies.

Racism, in general, does not offend me, nor affect me. I have no control over what other people who don’t even know me, think about me and “my people.” I find people like Anne Gus sad because  I can’t decide if her worst offense is that she is racist, feminist or just plain stupid, but I suspect it is a combination of all three.

“Comparison is the thief of joy…” Theodore Roosevelt

P.S. I can’t help it if white men are attracted to my pleasant disposition, subservient attitude and submissiveness nature. That’s just who I am. Obvi.

3 thoughts on “Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men…

  1. While I agree with you date whom ever you want and don’t care what other people think. But in that vine why don’t Asian Women date Hispanics, Native American and, African American men?

  2. I don’t think Asian women don’t date other races. I’ve seen my Asian friends date all sorts of men, but personally for me, I’ve always been attracted to the all American blonde blue eyed men. I was always open to dating men of other cultures as long as the chemistry is there.

  3. Hanssie, you have it right.

    When people have broad spectrum generalized statements , it takes wisdom to discern the truth and identify fallacy. Often, strong published opinions are fabricated simply for the resulting exposure (i.e. $), or perhaps the original author truly does strongly have these opinions, but regardless it frightens me to realize how many people buy into these gross misconceptions. Even the comment from NS has its own stereotype which makes that person no different than the Facebook poster (if we scrutinize him on his one statement which hopefully is an incomplete picture of his philosophy). When I was younger, I was always perplexed at the “high school” clique mentality that average looking people should date average looking people, models (the “10”s) should only date models, etc. What a bunch of bull! When dealing with real people who have real feelings, who is appointed judge over what is ‘average’ or what is a “10” or anything along those lines? The categories are irrelevant and it is a shame that prejudice continues to exist. With respect to dating and attraction, I believe everyone should casually date different people and find out where your attractions are. For me personally, I am attracted to a fairly specific race of women, but for others race might not be a critical factor in their decision.

    I stumbled on your blog via your photography posts. I love your wedding port. I wish I was closer, I would love to apprentice with you.

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