Adventures With The Kidlet ~ Tanaka Farms

It’s 10am on a Wednesday and I am enjoying the sounds of the rain from my bed, in my pajamas. My six year old is cutting paper dolls of people from the Byzantine Empire. She is also in her pajamas and she every so often stops what she’s doing and cuddles me. This is why I homeschool.

Another reason why I homeschool is because every day is a different adventure and a learning experience. Today, after we get dressed of course, we are going to brave the rain and “do school” at the library — just because. Last week, we went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. The week before, the LA County Fair. It seems that lately all of our field trips have involved stinky farm animals that like to chase me. Maybe next week, we’ll have a shopping mall adventure….

Here are some iPhone pictures of our Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. Have a fabulous and dry Wednesday!

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