Activate Radio Silence…

Since we’re on the topic of silence…

For my birthday this year, my mom is taking me on a trip to China! Wahoo.

I was all excited until she said that Facebook and YouTube were banned sites in Mainland China…which for someone who not only manages her own social media sites, but those of two different companies is kind of a nightmare. They apparently block your IP address if you even mention the word “Facebook.” Paranoid, much?

And then calculate in the time zone difference for someone who doesn’t really *do* math…well, let’s just say, ACK!!!!!!

So, I’m going to do my best to post blogs as often as possible for the next 10 days, but they are a day ahead, and it’s morning there when it’s the night before here and…omg, I’m just gonna post when I can and so it probably won’t be every morning between 9am-10am like usual. I’ll try to post some pictures and stuff here and there until my birthday (SEPT 5th!) when we head to Taiwan, and I’m out of the oppression.

I heard a rumor that they still allow Instagram, so if you’re not following me my username on Insta is @hanssiet 🙂

One thought on “Activate Radio Silence…

  1. Have a fabulous trip!! Can’t wait to see your posts and hear about your adventure when you return! Praying for a safe…and fun…journey! Godspeed!

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