A Terranea Wedding: Erika & Todd

The bar was crowded and dark as she wiped the condensation that was dripping from her hand on her skirt. She smiled as she made her way to her friend who was excited to introduce Erika to her brother, Todd. Erika smiled her trademark smile. They talked, they danced, they laughed, they flirted. He asked if he could kiss her. She said “No way!”

They exchanged numbers and he went back home to San Francisco. And stayed in contacted and became friends. She went to visit him a few times and soon they were inseparable. Thousands of miles separated them, yet they continued their long distance romance and when she finally graduated last year, she took a chance and moved out to be with him. On their one year anniversary, while a fire crackled in the fireplace in their room in Lake Tahoe, he surprised her with a poem he wrote for her and asked her to marry him.

On a perfect day with miles and miles of the beautiful Pacific Ocean behind them at the breathtaking Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Erika and Todd exchanged their vows amongst family and friends…and she smiled her trademark smile.

Thank you Erika and Todd for choosing me to document your special day!

Thanks also to Kerry Pulverman of deLuxe Events, Jenni from Little Hill Floral Designs, Ryan from One+One Cinema, and Danielle from Fusion Linens.   It makes for such a fun day to work with such amazing vendors!

 Additional Photography by: Michelle from CoCo Gallery

Love the coral hidden in the bridal bouquet!The first look…Not a shot I normally would do, but I can definitely see this shot as someone’s cover photo on Facebook…I always suggest to my grooms that when they are allowed to kiss the bride for the first time, they need to do it right by taking their sweet time (and it gets me time to get great shots–see above). After their first kiss, the groom looks straight at me and makes sure he did it correctly 🙂To. Die. For.During the Best Man Speech, one of the Groomsmen was asked to do an interpretive dance.

3 thoughts on “A Terranea Wedding: Erika & Todd

  1. Hanssie, you’re an amazing photographer! You captured Erika and Todd’s day perfectly, getting every little detail. It was such a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our next event!
    Kerry Pulverman
    de Luxe Weddings & Events

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