A 10+

I set this blog to post July 1st, but apparently, my still hungover brain put July 31st and I just caught the mistake. So, here is the missing blog post from July 1st and I guess that means I don’t have to write something new today 🙂

I was on the MGM Grand’s lazy river this weekend being, well, lazy. There’s just something about floating on an inner tube in a pool of tepid water while it’s 117 degrees outside and sipping a frozen sugary beverage that makes it feel like summer. There’s always an eclectic mix of people in the pools in Vegas. I mean, yes, there are the crazy pool parties, which are basically just oiled bodies, drunk people, and loud music but in the regular pools, you’ll see all those crazy drunk people, and then children and families sprinkled throughout.

Anyway, as we were floating by, there was a man in a hat with a crudely handwritten sign that said, “Judge” on it. He was rating women as they floated by. As I floated by, he fumbled for a sign and held it up and pointed at me. On it says “10+” I laughed, blew him a kiss, and floated along. It was the first time anyone has rated me to my face.  I’m gonna hold on to that the next time I have an “I feel fat and ugly day.” Doesn’t matter that the “judge” was kinda creepy and more than a little drunk. 😉

Hope your weekend was fun. XOXO

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