• Because I get a BRILLIANT idea and stay up till all hours of the night to execute said idea, you just shake your head slightly and let me be.
  • Because I move to do the dishes after dirtying every pot, pan, dish and spoon, you jump up from your chair and say, “I’ll clean the kitchen, Babe.”
  • Because every couple of months I pull out my once white shirt, but now is pink, from the dryer and you wonder why I even attempt laundry when I am allergic to it.
  • Because I sidle up next to you right before you fall asleep, ask for a back rub and you sleepily turn and oblige.
  • Because you play hide and seek with the Kidlet and sounds of the two of you laughing echo throughout the house.
  • Because you look at the dog and tell her you don’t like dogs, then proceed to play with her for hours on end.
  • Because I look over at you at 9:25 at night and tell you I am craving frozen yogurt, you jump up, grab your keys and proceed to get to the store before it closes.
  • Because you stay up late and watch my TV shows with me, even though I KNOW you just want to read ESPN.com instead
  • Because I come home with a handful of shopping bags after a trip to the mall and you don’t say anything but smile when I show you all the great stuff I bought…for me.
  • Because you leave little notes and cards underneath my pillow for me to find right before I go to bed.

After 10 years of marriage, all these little reasons make me love you just a bit more than the day before. Happy Anniversary. Thank you for taking care of me, Tim.

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